Similarities Between Scottsboro Trial And To Kill A Mockingbird

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In today’s world, many people live their lives by the way they are influenced by society. People nowadays are influenced by society in many ways. They are influenced by the way other people react to certain situations, any news they see in the media, or just the way they were raised by their families. With the victims of the Scottsboro trial and the novel To Kill a Mockingbird you can see how all these things plays an effect on the way Mayella, Ruby, and Victoria are shaped and you will see how the character, Mayella, relates to the non-fictional victims of the Scottsboro trial.

During the trial in both the fictional and non-fictional cases society plays a big role on shaping the people involved as victims. In the book To Kill a Mockingbird, …show more content…

Also during the time period in which she grew up in, most of the people in her town were very prejudice towards colored people. With this setting of the life of Mayella, she shares many similarities with Victoria. She shares the similarity in that they both grew up in poor homes with an abusive other to live with. They both also grew up playing as somewhat of a mother figure or just a person that other people depended on. I think the life that Mayella was living made it easy to make her out as victim, but not as a victim of the trial, but as a victim of society. During the trials she would say the things that would keep her safe from any trouble and I think the is because of the societal influence that played a role with her reactions to certain situations. If she were to be raised in a different time period and in a much safer household, I think there would be no reason if for this trial to get as out of hand as it did because there would be a lot less of risk that she would have to take to go through the trial. Society basically has the same effect on Victoria as it did Mayella. Victoria also live in poor household and in a prejudice time period. Victoria in this case, was also only a victim to society and not to …show more content…

I think in this case, Victoria was looked much more as an accuser than Ruby was because of the way that she manipulated the people within the trial and pushed Ruby into the background of the whole situation. With this it shows how Victoria was just out to get the boys. All she wanted during the case was for them to be sentenced to death. So all she did was accuse them in a way to make them as terrible as possible. This differs in the way that Mayella was influenced to play as an accuser because of the ways they were somewhat forced to plays as accusers. Mayella and her situation she was just accusing Tom with the bad things that she said that he did just so she keep herself safe from the people in the town and her abusive father. Victoria was only doing it to seek revenge for what the boys did. I think the biggest way that society had an effect on these two was just because of how prejudice society was at this time. Again if this situation were to take place in a different time period then Victoria wouldn’t have the reason of being out to get the boys just because they are colored and Mayella wouldn’t need to accuse Tom of the things he did because she wouldn’t have to worry have to worry about being punished by either the town or her father

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