Similarities Between The Crucible And Mccarthyism

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In Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible, he is able to compare the events of the Salem Witch Hunt to the McCarthy period. Miller is able to compare these two because of the very similar events and how they were carried out. Many things are comparable and are very similar, in very different time lines. During the McCarthy period, congressman Joseph McCarthy would use the current events to his advantage. The Cold War was happening and the “Red Scare” was running rampant throughout America. Joseph McCarthy would put people on a list in which he swore they were all communists. The numbers would vary because those who were accused would blame others in order to be set free and escape persecution. While in the Salem Witch Hunt, those who were accused would also blame or accuse others in an attempt to escape a death sentence. …show more content…

She would do this along with other girls to get what they wanted. Also so they can get the townspeople to not pay attention to what they did in the backwoods of the town. The girls did a very suspicious thing while in the woods. The townspeople started to bring witches into the controversy as to explain what they understood. Betty, who is a daughter of the town's preacher, was pretending to be bed sick and would not move for any reason. To explain why she was doing this, Abigale would say Tituba, who is a slave, was conjuring spirits that one night in the woods. They would start accusing many people and the town would have extreme hysteria. Joseph McCarthy would do the same thing to get to a high governing position, and everyone believed him because Soviet spies were known to be in

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