The Crucible And Mccarthyism Similarities

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Almost every kid in school has read a passage or a story, and never really understood the purpose of learning the topic in school. The teachers expect us to do the work, and hopefully understand it, but we never truly understand why we learned such a topic or event. The Crucible is a prime example on what students read in school, or why we’re obligated to read the book. The crucible and McCarthyism have many similarities that many people over look, and don’t realize, and connects more than we perceive. Books like the crucible and McCarthy are historical events, many schools have very few books based on historical events, which is why teachers spend more time on them. McCarthy and the red scare is a very interesting topic, mainly because it fits into history and English. In a article Scott Beason and other sources says that McCarthy was right to flush out communists, and he also thinks ‘it’s inappropriate for Alabama high school students to read the crucible”. “So we’re comparing the McCarthy investigations of the 1950s, in which he turned out to be right, with the Salem witch hunts” Beason stated. There is so much history behind it all that we’re still figuring out today, which is why it makes the story so widespread. …show more content…

In the Crucible those who were accused of being guilty, put on trial, and who are expected to confess. Unsuccessful to that led to death. In McCarthy, the media were not disposed to stand up to Senator McCarthy for the fear of being accused of being a Communist. Fear is the main factor playing in both situations, terror of being accused or what people might say, or think. In the 1940s and 1950s Americans trepid the encroachment of communism. Which plays a huge roll on McCarthy and the Crucible. The Crucible is seen all throughout in internet. Both are equally about personal crucibles. Gossip sites, news outlets, and social media are all for people to be put on

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