The Crucible Setting Analysis

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The Crucible is a story by Arthur Miller this story was released during the Mccarthyism era and is written to relate what is going on during Mccarthyism time and compared to what had happened during the time of the Salem witch trials. The setting or the crucible will impact the characters, the plot and the tone of the story. The setting of The Crucible affected the characters because during this period of time Salem Massachusetts was a Puritan colony. The Puritans were very strict people, for example on page 1154 of Arthur Miller's The Crucible Paris the town's Minister threatens to beat his slave Tituba “ You will confess yourself or I will take you out and whip you to death Tituba” that statement says that the fact that Parris is going to whip Tituba to death if she doesn't do what he says and confess that he is willing to kill anyone who does not follow the rules. Another …show more content…

It makes the reader feel sad. For example, in act one of The Crucible Mr. Putnam states. “ ...and yet I have but one child left out of eight- and now she shrivels.”(pg.1143) This shows that the setting affects the tone because there was a high death rate of children in the 1600’s. The Putnam's children have all died except for the last child they had and she is shriveling away. And they believe that the reason they keep losing children is because someone in Salem is practicing Witchcraft and killing their kids. In act four of the crucible as everything is starting to wind down Danforth makes the statement “Hang them high over the town who weeps for these weep for corruption.”(pg.1232) This shows that it is a very dark and gloomy time in Salem because they are hanging people. In The Crucible as they are preparing to hang proctor the setting affects the tone because they are all waiting for the court officials in Salem to hang Proctor and he will be one of the last people the court in Salem will

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