Examples Of Propaganda In The Crucible

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Madailein McLenna
English 11 4B
13 January 2016
Tit For Tat Written in 1952, Arthur Miller wrote a play known as The Crucible as an analogy to the strike the senator was putting on all the communists soon after World War II. Arthur used the Salem Witch Trials in the 1690’s to show that the same tragedies and sentences that befell people during the McCarthyism trails. Arthur used the Salem Witch Trials as a metaphor to draw national attention towards the doings and executioners of the McCarthyism propaganda. The innocent people during the McCarthyism trials relate to the situation a character known as John Proctor undergoes in the play. The Crucible is a tale about love, lies, and doing whatever it possibly takes to take down or protect …show more content…

Soon after realizing what a mistake that was, he denied his love towards Abigail. She then uses the affair to blackmail John to protect her own actions of witchery in the forrest. In Act II of The Crucible, John Proctor yells, “I will fall like an ocean on that court! Fear nothing, Elizabeth” (Miller, II 1127). Abigail Williams, very bitter towards Elizabeth, charges her with witchcraft. Abigail Williams said that Elizabeth Proctor had sent out her spirit and made it stab a needle into her stomach. John believes that Abigail is trying to get revenge on his wife for ending things, but he swears he will do anything to prove his wife’s innocence. Secondly, John Proctor confesses his crime of lechery to protect his wife (Miller, II 1146). John makes sure the court knows about the affair, to show that Abigail is blackmailing him to protect her own witchcraft acts and get vengeance on him. John Proctor’s actions clearly show that he is willing to do anything to protect not only his wife, himself, but the others Abigail and her friends are accusing of witchcraft. John Proctor’s brave confession was not the only heroic action he took …show more content…

Not allowing to let Abigail Williams become between Elizabeth and himself, he confesses to the court about the previous affair to show the court the silly acts Abigail and her friends were putting on. Secondly, he showed reliance to the court and higher power by refusing to sign the confession. Lastly, John finally found the courage to let himself be executed, to show that he finally was willing to forgive himself. John Proctor is the true hero of The Crucible and left an everlasting legacy in the town of

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