Similarities Between The Holocaust And Salem Witch Trials

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Throughout history, millions of people have been persecuted for religious beliefs.

The Holocaust and the Salem Witch Trials are some of the most notorious instances of

persecution in history. Although the two disasters happened in two different time periods the

similarities are Shocking.

In 1692 an inequality was forced upon civilians in Salem, Massachusetts,(The 1692

Salem witch Trials). Nineteen men and women were convicted to die on Gallows Hill, because

of the ignorance of human nature(Blumberg). Abigail Williams and Elizabeth Paris were having

contractions , and a local doctor blamed the supernatural(Blumberg). On February, 29 under

investigation from John Hathorne, the girls blamed three women from afflicting them : Tituba

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When the Nazis one day rose

to power they built facilities to grasp and kill their enemies(The Holocaust). Once Germany

took over Poland in 1939 , it created forced-labor camps.( The Holocaust). Many hostages died

from poor working conditions, fatigue, and lack of consumption(The Holocaust). When World

War II outbreak occurred the number of concentration camps increased greatly.(The Holocaust)

Hitler had an enormous amount of control over people and the decisions they made(The

Holocaust). He had convinced everyone the world would be a great place once all the jews were

killed.(The Holocaust). Nazi soldiers were capturing and torturing Jewish people(The

Holocaust). In the Crucible , Abigail Williams convinced Salem that civilians throughout the

town were practicing witchcraft(Blumberg). Despite Abigail being a child, the town listened to

her accusations ,and were convinced that she was telling the truth(Blumberg). Abigail and

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