Similarities Between The Sanctuary Of School And Indian Education

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After reading "The Sanctuary of School" by Lynda Barry and "Indian Education" by Sherman Alexie, some similarities and differences are apparent. These essays demonstrate how influential the education system is on children growing up. No matter how pleasant or unprincipled the education system is when you’re a kid it’s a long time spent in the education system. A child's first impression of society is influenced by how they are treated and what they experience as they grow up. This is their first impression of the world.
Essays “The Sanctuary of School” and “Indian Education”, despite their differences, share some similarities. Both characters attend school and both Lynda and Alexie discover therapeutic value in the education system regardless of their circumstances. Alexie found his ease through basketball. “I picked up a basketball …show more content…

He continued to use basketball as serenity going through school “it felt good that ball in my hands all those possibilities and angels it was mathematics geometry was beautiful.” (29). Lynda found her sedateness by returning to school early to escape her unhappy and overcrowded home. Lynda loved helping the janitor before school started. "He let me turn on the lights and raise the window shades and I slowly saw my school come to life” (12). Lynda also loved painting and drawing as her teacher viewed it as a healing technique as Lynda colored and drew with naturalness. These pastimes that Lynda and Alexie enjoyed gave these characters a resemblance.
“Indian Education” by Sherman Alexie and “The Sanctuary of School” by Lynda Barry are unconnected when it comes to experiences in the education system. “Indian Education” is a personal essay that critically analyzes the American educational system as experienced by a Native American student. This essay highlights the

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