Similes In Eleven By Sandra Cisneros

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Sandra Cisneros the author of Eleven she uses a lot of similes, and senses to make the reader feel like they are there in the classroom with Rachel. When Rachel is explaining “when you you are growing old it’s like an onion, or like the rings in a tree, or like the little wooden dolls that fit one inside the other, one year after another”. Sandra makes more similes throughout the story but this simile is the best on because, it’s probably the more accurate one as you get older so does your body, you get taller until you stop growing, then when you get about your late 30s early 40s you start to get gray hair plus the wrinkles start to come out. She wasn’t exactly saying that, but what she was trying to say is, even when you are getting older you don’t feel that way, you still have a little five year old who wants to come out and play. …show more content…

After Mrs. Price tells Rachel to but on the sweater and Rachel does the first sense she uses is smell Rachel says “when I put one arm through one sleeve of the sweater that smells like cottage cheese”, it puts the reader right there with Rachel you start to think what cottage cheese smells like. Then soon after that she uses touch, Rachel says “with my arms apart like if the sweater hurts me and it does, all itchy and full of germs that aren’t even mine” still the author does a good job on making you feel like you are there, she also makes you think on what an itchy sweater feels like. The sense of hearing was kind of hard because after Rachel puts on the sweater, starts crying, Phyllis Lopez says it’s hers Rachel says “There’ll be candles and presents and everybody will sing Happy birthday, happy birthday to you, Rachel”, even though this isn’t happening in the classroom she imagines it and can hear

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