Coming Of Age In The Outsiders

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The amount of power the social classes play in the society in the book The Outsiders is crucial. The social classes divided the society into two main parts, the Socs and the Greasers. The coming of age and development of the characters has really created a bond between them. While it has created trust, it has also created distrust among the two gangs. The gangs were raised to hate and distrust each other. By observing the quotes, events, and traits, it is clear that growth is always coming with age.

One of the most important challenges with coming of age these characters face is the quotes characters say. They inform you of the coming of age in the story and provide hundreds of details about the characters. For example, Ponyboy and Johnny would say the words “Stay gold”. Those words meant that when you are a kid life is gold and to always stay young and enjoy life while everything's new. In particular, Darry grew up too quick and missed out on young childhood experiences. Those small events in life he missed. can change the way he thinks while it was hard to deal with his age going by …show more content…

Many of the important parts in this story have affected their maturity and way of life. There was a quote from Alice In Wonderland that relates to this book, Alice asks “Where should I go?” and the cat tells her “That depends on where you want to end up”. I think that shows just how this coming of age has gone with Ponyboy growing up wondering where he should go. As the two gangs start to realize they are the same, kids who grew up roughly who have the same problems. In conclusion, coming of age has developed even more than is known in the story from quotes, events and the physical traits of all characters. It has affected mostly everything in their life and has created a more mature

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