Sin And Temptation In Macbeth's Tragedy

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Temptation and Sin: Temptation is the origin of Macbeth’s tragedy. At the beginning, Macbeth is a loyal citizen who has a conscience. However, ever since Macbeth hears from the Weird Sisters about his prophecy to be ruler, he experiences an ongoing struggle with temptation. He hesitates before his first act of murder, but greed gets the best of him. The temptation to have the crown encourages him to murder, a mortal sin. Temptation leads Macbeth to murder, and murder leads him to problems. At this point, Macbeth’s mind is clouded, and his thirst for the throne blinds him. With this tunnel-vision, Macbeth can only focus on securing his position, ignoring his morals along the way.

• Good vs Evil: A situational archetype that is found throughout

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