Skin Tag Removal

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3 Ways Your Dermatologist Can Get Rid Of Your Skin Tags

While you can find various home remedies for removing skin tags, you should be cautious about trying to get rid of them yourself. You might cause an infection or leave a scar, and that would be even worse than dealing with the tag you have now. Also, home methods can be painful, and they may not even work. A dermatologist can quickly remove a skin tag in a safe way, even if it is close to your eye. Here are three methods used for skin tag removal.

Freezing The Tag

Your dermatologist may suggest freezing the tag. This is done by applying liquid nitrogen to it. Freezing is sometimes preferable because of the location of the tag. For instance, if it is near your eye or in a tight place, …show more content…

Your dermatologist uses a heated wire to cut through the stem of the tag to remove it. The heat from the wire seals your skin to stop the bleeding. You 'll be given a local anesthetic first, so you won 't feel any pain or discomfort during this procedure.

Cutting Off The Tag

Another quick way to get rid of a skin tag is to cut it off with surgical scissors or a scalpel. The area is numbed for this procedure too, so you won 't feel anything while the tag is being removed. This is a quick and easy process for removing an annoying skin tag, but there may be some bleeding involved. Your dermatologist can apply medication that stops bleeding so it doesn 't last very long. You recover quickly from this minor procedure and your skin heals without leaving a scar behind.

These treatments are quick and painless, and they 're also safe for you to undergo, which is something you can 't always say about home remedies. Skin tags aren 't dangerous, so there is no need to remove them unless you hate the way they look or they get sore from rubbing against your clothing. It 's common to have more than one skin tag and your dermatologist can remove several during a single session. If you have one or more tags that really bother you, talk to your dermatologist about which removal method is

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