Slave Girl

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In the book, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl: Written by Herself by Harriet Jacobs, she tells the story of her life as a slave and how she was able to eventually gain her and her children’s freedom. Through out the book she recounts moments about her life, many of which show how cruel slave owners were to her, her children, and her fellow slaves. Many memories, such as in Chapter 15 “Continued Persecutions”, show how manipulative a slaveowner can be towards their slaves and how the slaves are suppose to stand idal while these disparities happen right in front of them.
Jacobs recalls when Dr. Flint visits her and just his presence in the room is enough to make her very confomfortable, “The doctor came to see me the next day, and my heart beat quicker as he entered...He seated himself and looked at me with withering scorn”. Not even saying a word, this man has Jacobs uneasy and her children fearful. When he does finally open his mouth is it to mock her by saying her master is tired of her, laughing in her face, and ridiculing her in front of her children. Being told all of these horrible qualities that Jacobs apparently has with her children present is demening. Although her children know that the doctor is a terrible man, having those kind of thoughts ringing though her head must have been awful for her mental state. It …show more content…

The media prominently portrays slavery to be bad because of all the pysical abuse that happened to slaves, but the silent attacker that effected most all slaves were the ones they couldn’t even see. Psychological abuse is no stable matter, because once the cracks in the foundation of the mind begin to fall a part, it is only a matter of time until the whole person collapeses. Harriet Jacobs was an inspiration then and is an inspiration now because of her strong will to keep going until her and her children were free, and leaving her memories in the

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