Slavery Was The Main Cause Of The Civil War

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Early in the seventeenth century, a Dutch ship brought African slaves to America. This created a problem, because soon people started realizing that slavery goes against many of their rules. Eventually slavery was banned in some places, but there were still many arguments over ending slavery. Slavery was one of the biggest issues. Some states were against slavery and some were not. This caused disputes over land, and which states should be slave states or free states. Before the cotton gin, there were more people against slavery in the South than in the North. After the invention of the cotton gin the South thought that they could make more money off of slaves by using them in cotton fields. A while after, slavery in the North was completely banned. The problem with free blacks was that there had been blacks that were freed by their previous owners, and when slavery started in the South and the North became free states, the North said that they would return escaped slaves. They could not tell who was actually free or not.…show more content…
Therefore, slavery was the main cause of the Civil War. It wasn 't just the fact that slavery itself existed and some people were against it, but it was also that there had been so many disputes on whether or not slavery should
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