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3.1 “Use a case study from a health or social care setting to identify the extent to which individuals are at risk of harm”. Case Study “Ms. Thompson is an elderly person who suffered from physical and mental and limitations and has resided in a skilled nursing facility. APS had received a report that an individual at the facility had shoved Ms. Thompson head through a wall in her room. The perpetrator was not known, but there was a hole in the wall in which bruises on Ms. Thompson body consistently with reported abuse. However, the facility staff had denied all the allegations, claiming that MS. Thompson had suffered all the injuries from a fall that was undocumented. The staff had however stated they laid her down, but unfortunately they …show more content…

Thompson was badly abused by an unknown member of staff at the care home. Mrs. Thompson was however being neglected by care professionals in which they fail in seeking medical attention for her and also fail in reporting the abuse to her Doctor. According to Mantel & Scragg (2011) physical abuse is a non- accidental that is enforced of physical force that results to pain in a person body, injury and can also cause impairment and even death. Examples of physical abuse can be hitting, slapping, pushing, punching etc. Also, neglect can be, not paying attention to a person health issues, not giving support, left an individual unsupervised, failure in providing medical care for a person. However, as it relates to the case study, Mrs. Thompson before she died was badly abuse and has been neglected by a staff member that causes her untimely death. However, Mrs. Thompson had suffered from abused, first physically, whereby her head was shoved through a wall and causes a number of bruises. According to gov.uk, all abuses are to be reported when a service user is not being treated with the right care at a care home or if they have been mistreated by any care

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