Essay On Health And Social Class

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How does social class affect people’s lives? Social class groups individual persons into class hierarchy which is determined by person’s income, education, wealth, social connection, and job profession. Social class classifies people into spectrum of class such as lower class, lower middle class, middle class, upper middle class, and upper class. Depending on which class an individual falls in affects earnings, education, respect, success, status, family life, health, job occupation, and social connection. An individual that lies in higher part of class spectrum gets more opportunities and has better lives than an individual that lies in lower part of class spectrum that does not get opportunities and struggles in lives. The amount of money …show more content…

Higher class people have good health conditions than lower class people’s health conditions. People from upper class have money which allows them to take care of their health using their money. Lower class people do not have enough money to use to take care of their health. Wealthy people taking care of their health reduces their health problems and poor people taking less care of their health increases their health problems. People in lower class have job that gives them little money and people in higher class have job that gives them lots of money. In the essay “Casa: A Partial Remembrance of a Puerto Rican Childhood” by Judith Ortiz Cofer, Cofer mentions, “We developed early on the ability to blend into a crowd, to sit and read quietly in a fifth story apartment building for days and days when it was too bitterly cold to play outside, or, set free, to run wild in Mamii’s realm, where she took charge of our lives.” (Cofer, 201). People in lower class family struggle to live in small place where they have to mange to pay rent from their little earnings. People in lower class struggle to adjust themselves to live with little money. People in upper class live in big houses and they earn lots of money. People with lots of money do not struggle as they can live freely without having to adjust. Upper class people with good job allow them to live comfortably without any financial issues whereas lower class people with small job struggle to live as they have financial issues. A person from lower class has no social connection whereas a person from higher class has lot of social connection. An individual from rich class has more social network as other people know that individual well and an individual from poor class has no social network as other people do not know that individual. Rich individual has connection with other people which allows him to have lot of

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