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Social norms are different for each nation. In the United states while it may be legal to do something it is not always accepted as the right thing to do by society. We learn social norms from our parents, peers, and the general society. Social norms are just how you are supposed to act in a given situation, your ethical responsibilities as a citizen. They help keep order within our population. Social norms can be as minor as riding the elevator facing the doors instead of the other passengers or as great as not killing one another. Depending on the severity of your infraction of social norms there are different degrees that we use to correct each other in an attempt to restore order. Using the examples from before, in the elevator your punishment …show more content…

Reporters, writers, and hosts will exaggerate things to make them more interesting, so everything they say should be questioned. Their job is to get as many viewers as possible. They often don’t even say where they got their information, which as we know from being students means that they are not a reliable source. Due to the election segments there was less time for the what I like to call the “filler stories”. I toured a tv station and in part of the interview we got with one of the producers she spoke about how difficult it can be to fill the whole time slot with information. As a result news can be filled with crimes just so the hosts have something to talk about. As I have watched news in the past, not on election years, I know how often crime is brought up in the news. I get my local news from the twin cities, as that is the only option when I am at home, so I am aware that anchors mostly talk about crimes and will often repeat the same stories even if there is no real change in information. All these crime stories can make people think that there is more crimes than there actually are. As people think there are more crimes the more unsafe they feel. All this fear can make people want changes in our system and the way we punish certain crimes. I am from a village in Wisconsin that is right in between two schools, so it's the perfect distance for sex offenders. Obviously, as a kid growing up with more than fifteen sex offenders living within a mile radius of my house, I had rules that my friends from better towns did not have. This fear led my mother to believe that as a nation we needed to crack down on sex offenders, how long they stay in the system and the requirements that they need to meet once they are released. As we see with the black lives matter movement, as minorities fear for their safety from the people that are supposed to protect them, the more they call for change in the way cops

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