Social Norms In Our Society

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A world full of people treating someone better because the person is either a woman or a man. Rules and expectation set on every man and woman because they couldn’t be seen a certain way. Being titled to be something else because it would be “socially unacceptable”, to be too girly or too boyish. This is what the social norm has pushed into people sense they were children.
Men have been pushed to be the tough one’s to express no feeling at all. Men were taught that way because it is seen as being too girlish and passing the message that if you did show any kind of emotion, it would make them the outcast of the group. Men are always seen as the people who get things done and are frowned upon when they are the one’s letting their wife work and them being the one’s who stays home cleaning and caring for kids. Not only has social norms pushed men into thinking that way, they’d also pushed men to be the stable person in everything. By not letting men show emotion, it deprives them from being happy and makes them take it out in a passive aggressive way. …show more content…

It is very rare to hear about a man getting hit by his spouse or his parents. Most of the time when a case like that happens to a boy or a man, it is simply shrugged off and not as important. Social standards turn away at the thought of a man stuck in an abusive relationship, because they see it as him getting what he deserved or the women showing her “equal” power over him. When a man gets raped by a woman, the social media ignores it and most of the time say he wanted. Men are neglected with equal rights when it comes to situations like

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