Social Realism In Arthur Miller's Death Of A Salesman

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Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman takes place in the post-World War II era. Miller does a phenomenal job of incorporating the elements of social commentary and realism. Social commentary and realism involves portraying current and realistic social issues. These issues give characters real world problems and makes it easier for the audience to relate to them. In this case, Miller successfully uses the social ideals of 1949 to develop his character’s motives. In 1949, society’s high value of material success brought on financial anxieties and insecurities for many families. It is these societal pressures that influence the characters and work ethics of the Loman family. Willy’s character is very similar to the one-dimensional Commedia dell’arte …show more content…

During a monologue, a long speech by a character that is directed towards another character. Biff confesses to Happy that he is conflicted and confused about what he wants. He cannot hold a job until he finds some happiness working as farm laborer. This arises tension and conflict between Biff and Willy. So much that Linda convinces Biff to please Willy once again. To ease his mother’s worries, Biff decides to ask for a loan to start a sporting goods business, only to later realize that he does not share his father’s work ethic and ambitions. Instead of beginning a sporting goods business, Biff decides that he is going to buy his own ranch. Biff’s decisions prove that unlike, Willy, he believes that success is truly obtained with strong work ethic and being happy with the work that you do. Like all women in 1949, Linda Loman is expected to stay home and take care of her family. Her role is to provide emotional support and strength for her family. She is a loyal and loving wife because she constantly attempts to maintain family unity through Willy’s failed and misguided ideals on obtaining success. This is evident in her monologue towards the end of act one. Her passionate lecture convinces Biff to try harder to understand and please his

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