Reflection Paper on Socialization

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Who am I? I am Quentina Burnett and I have been developed by socialization, to be able to fit within the society. Socialization is the process where an individual learns behavior, values, culture, and norms of the society to develop his or her personality to become a proficient person in the society (Keirns et al., 2016). This process starts in the early stage of a baby, to an adult, and continues until the individual dies. The process of socialization gives people and myself the basic social contact and social interaction needed to develop “self”. Self is the ability to know right from wrong, understanding the society norms, behaviors, culture, and values. An example of this is learning and talking the native language, know how to eat from a spoon, and able to communicate with other people. If people or myself fail to experience socialization, they will not possess the acquired skills needed to develop self. This process is required for me to be apart and successful fit in the society.
Since birth until now, I have held a numerous amount of statuses as a sister, friend, mother, wife, soldier, teacher, and a voter. In those statuses, I had to carry myself in certain behavior occupying those statuses. These are known as roles. As a sister, more importantly, a big sister of my house as a child, I had to make sure I looked after my two baby sisters as well as, help them with homework, brushing their teeth, and helping them pick out their clothes. I also had to obtain a job,

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