Socrates Ignorance Is Evil

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Amongst the crowded market of a place where anything can happen, Socrates was hosting his traditional circle of students when someone ran past him saying, “Thomas Aquinas is here!” People began to lose their minds as the “greatest” theologian and philosopher in Church history decided to grace the marketplace streets with his presence. Socrates rolled his eyes with disgust and continued teaching his lesson, “Anyways, as I was saying, ignorance is evil.” His students nodded in agreement. A voice behind him, pretentious sounding in tone, said, “Pagan! How would you know anything of the true nature of evil? Evil is nothingness, an absence of our lord and savior, God.” Thomas Aquinas stopped walking. Clearly, Aquinas was not in the mood to …show more content…

I find that truth now, is that you’re too stubborn to accept the lord as your god. I also know that evil is the absence of god. Therefore, everyone that has an absence of god in their lives is evil.” “Or maybe you need to take into effect that not everyone has to believe what you say,” Socrates said, “many people are not part of your religion are not evil. I believe the ignorance born of people like you who are ignorant. Therefore, ignorance is evil.” Aquinas seemed shocked that someone could actually knock his theory down to nothing. At this point and time, everyone was laughing –silently to themselves– at Aquinas. Here, the Catholic Churches best and brightest was reduced to nothing more than your average high-horsed jerk. Embarrassed, Aquinas desperately tried to defend himself against that career-ending remark Socrates made. However, no amount of retorts or sass could bring him back to being taken seriously. Aquinas had failed miserably to do what he had set out to accomplish. Socrates had beat him into submission in a matter of moments, using only

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