Solitary Nation Sparknotes

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The documentary solitary nation demonstrates the effects of solitary confinement on the prisoner’s health. There are several problems associated with using segregation as a punishment, however, the main problem is the effects to the mental health of the inmates. The documentary illustrate that some prisoner lost their sanity in solitary confinement. One example is what happened to the prisoner Adam Brulotte, at the beginning of his solitary confinement time he was optimistic and have plans to improve himself by reading books and think about his future, but only after twenty five days he started to lose his mind and become unstable, threaten to cut himself, pushes feces under the door and flooded the unit. This behavior clearly indicates segregation bad affects to the mental health of the inmates. Additional example is Todd Fickett, who has to spend six months in the solitary unit. This prisoner mentality changed and he converted to a suicidal person, several times he cut himself in attempt to commit suicide. All these problems reveal that using segregation, as a punishment is not beneficial for the prisoner’s mental health. …show more content…

Sending an unstable person back to society would put the lives of the citizens in danger, for that the warden tried to come up with different policy to fix the problem. The policy he used is instead of punishing them, the warden tries to rehabilitate the inmates by offering them weekly classes to talk and become less violent, treat them in the mental health unit, and if there was an improvement in the prisoner behavior he will discharge them from segregation and send them back to the general

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