Song Analysis Of Frosty The Snowman By Steve Nelson

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In the song “Frosty the Snowman”, which was written by Walter “Jack” Rollins and Steve Nelson, shows you that your childhood is one that you shouldn’t forget. As you become older, you might lose the memories of the happiness, joy, as well as imagination which made up your childhood. Throughout the song, the narrator does a great job emphasizing how fun it is to play during winter, and how important it is to never forget that by using dialogue, rhyme, together with imagery. The way dialogue impacts this song by authenticating that Frosty has turned into an actual living creature. Rhyming affects this song by helping the reader create an image of playfulness in their mind. Finally, the way the authors used imagery was somehow like in rhyme, but in imagery they gave us…show more content…
When you think of Christmas you might think of presents, sharing, peace, amusement, as well as countless other wonderful emotions. The authors carried out their message by describing a snowman who had a “Jolly happy soul…” (1). Imagine yourself during the winter playing around in the snow with all your friends, suddenly a real life snow man that can laugh and play, just like a human can; don’t you wish that could actually happen? (Rollins, Nelson 4) “…he could laugh and play…” That is exactly what the authors wants you to picture, whatever makes you feel radiant. (Rollins, Nelson 6) “Running here and there all around the square”, can make me think of two situations. One that it is extraordinarily fun to play in the snow. It can also make me go into deeper thought and relate that quote to how on Christmas you are always going to so many different places at practically the same times. Whether it is picturing a snow man gleefully running around, or picturing yourself just having fun; the authors have successfully delivered his message of
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