Song Of Solomon Identity Analysis

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In Song of Solomon, written by Toni Morrison, deep concern for not only the existence and development of the black community is shown, but also for human beings in general. Questions such as “Why and how are individuals isolated from society?”, “What voice is created in isolation?”, and even “How does an individual resolve conflict between personal ethics and social morality?” strictly apply to Song of Solomon. Milkman, the protagonist, embarks on an unwitting search for his roots and ties to the black community, all while feeling isolated from society. As a whole, the Dead Family effectively shows how an individual begins to become isolated from society, and how they may resolve the issue of lack of sense of belonging. Morrison’s work illustrates the voice and feelings that are existing as a result of isolation. According …show more content…

When moving away from the south, Macon Dead II tries everything possible to gain urban respectability and success through his possession of property and money. Nevertheless, he begins to lose himself slowly in the process of blending into the white community. During this time, he becomes a perplexed, isolated and sad black man, who seeks the ability to fit into the white society. While trying to own himself and begin to take control of his fate, he becomes enslaved in the materialistic society through his belongings. He gradually forgets his black identity and begins to look down upon the poor blacks of his community. Before obtaining his possessions and wealth, while embracing his black culture on the farm, he was remembered as being a nice and caring person. Despite acquiring the material success he had longed for, he sensed an indescribable hollowness and loneliness. Macon Dead II is never able to get rid of his sense of loss due to the fact that he ignores and suppresses his cultural ties from the

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