Song Of Solomon Rhetorical Devices

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Chapter 3: Song of Solomon Illuminating Quote: Plot Analysis: Allusion: A brief and indirect reference to a person, place, thing or idea of historical, cultural, literary, or political significance. Example: Milkman walks into the barbershop and hears the men talking about a Northerner visiting the South named Till. All the men talk how he was stomped to death for whistling at a white lady Function: This shows the problems going on, and talks about the killing of Emmett Till in Mississippi. The allusion shows the struggles that many African-Americans have compared to the Dead family and their issues. Character Analysis: Milkman: In this chapter Milkman becomes more insecure, and less in touch with people. Although he is nicer than his father, he is selfish and thinks more …show more content…

Emulate:match or surpass (a person or achievement), typically by imitation, imitate Sentence: “Milkman feared his father, respected him, but knew, because of the leg, that he could never emulate him.” (pg.63) Original: Although, I was a good student i could never emulate the valedictorian. Rhododendron:a shrub or small tree of the heath family, with large clusters of bell-shaped flowers and typically with large evergreen leaves, widely grown as an ornamental Sentence: The rhododendron leaves grew wide and green and when their color was at its deepest and waxiest, they suddenly surrendered it and lapsed into limp yellow hearts. Original: The rhododendron looked so pretty swaying in the wind. Foisted: introduce someone or something surreptitiously or unwarrantably into Sentence: “He foisted her off with “How would that look? M.D., M.D. If you were sick, would you go see a man called Dr. Dead?”

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