Southern Reconstruction During The Civil War

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When the Civil War was finishing, the South was at a place where everything was a social disorder, and a horrible economic place. The Union had a war destroyed the southern crops, plantations, the cities, and many slaves were going to the Union while their chiefs to be in the Union army. The inflation became so horrible that when the war was finishing, just by buying a piece of bread cost so much money for the South. Thousands of Southern people suffered so much because they would either starve to death, lose their clothes, homes, lands, and even slaves. That is why, by 1865, Washington had a really difficult task of the Southern Reconstruction. The Union victory during the Civil war in 1865, gave about four million slaves their freedom. Unfortunately, the process of making the South a better place was happening during the Reconstruction period, and it had other challenges. In the years of 1865 and 1866, …show more content…

Abraham Lincoln had the Proclamation of Amnesty and also Reconstruction, which was already known by 1863, even though the war was finishing. Abraham Lincoln took these initiatives, and made it into a “Ten-Percent Plan.” In this plan, Abraham Lincoln made each southern state ten percent a voting population and planned full loyalty to the United States. After Lincoln was killed, Andrew Jackson became president, and took the Ten-Percent Plan. Radical Republicans made it difficult for the Ten-Percent Plan because they called for “harsher measures, demanding a loyalty oath from 50 percent of each state’s voting population rather than just 10 percent,” (American Reconstruction, 2017). The President and the Congress agreed on only one point, and it was that the southern states needed to end slavery in their new state constitution before adding themselves back to the

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