Speckled Band Conflict

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In “The Adventure of the Speckled Band”, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle provided a suspenseful story about the solving of the mysterious death of Julia Stoner. Helen Stoner, Julia’s sister, brought her death to the attention of Sherlock Holmes and Dr.Watson. Helen mentioned her abusive step-father, Dr.Roylott as a potential suspect during this intense consultation. Sherlock Holmes and Dr.Watson pursued numerous strategies to try to solve the conflict. The setting of this baffling story was in April, 1883 in Stoke Moran, England. In the beginning of the story, Dr.Watson, a medical doctor, was awoken by Sherlock Holmes because a frantic guest, Helen Stoner, was waiting to chat with them. Helen Stoner was desperate to know how and why her sister…show more content…
Sherlock fought the snake off forcing it to go in the opposite direction through the ventilator. A loud ear blasting screech came soon after from Dr.Roylott’s quarters. They snatched the pistol and journeyed to the room. They busted in and found Dr.Roylott’s lifeless body with the poisonous creature atop his head. The snake was restrained into the cage, the safe; they were now aware of how Julia died. Inadvertently, Dr.Grimesby Roylott died due to being bitten by the speckled band as the snake had turned on its master. Dr.Roylott could no longer inconvenience anybody or hurt others since he was deceased. Furthermore, the townspeople could live their lives ordinarily without being fearful of him. Dr.Watson, Sherlock Holmes and Helen Stoner were all relieved to know that they had no reason to be afraid. Dr.Roylott, on the other hand, was quite shocked to know his plan was not satisfactory during the last few seconds of his life. The ending of the story realistically made life significantly better for Helen and the village of Stoke…show more content…
He used each and every clue to come to these suppositions. Lastly, he took the place of Helen Stoner by staying in her room for one single night. This was a foul play mystery because there were a few false clues provided to the detectives. One of the clues included the coroner’s ruling of Julia dying from natural causes. Secondly, the speckled band was believed to be associated with the gypsies. The last false clue was that the whistling was coming from something outdoors or even something applying contact to the sturdy bars on the windows. The mood and tone converted to happy and uplifting. This was because Helen was much happier without her abusive step-father in her life. Helen would go on to lead a particularly successful and normal life, even though she was on her own with her spouse. Sherlock Holmes knew that he was partially responsible for the death of Dr.Roylott, but did not feel any bit of guilt because he knew that Dr.Roylott was an evil man! Watson and Holmes had a diligent way in solving the
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