Exemplification Essay: The Use Of Humor In Everyday Life

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“Life is a comedy to those who think and a tragedy to those who feel.” No matter it is true or false, this old saying by Benjamin Franklin revealed the widespread belief in the importance of humor. If we live without humor, life would be boring, tough and unbearable, hence humor appears in our daily life, for example, we are glad to watch comedies, which helps relax yourselves; we love reading some humorous articles instead of heavy books; we get on better with funny people and on the contrast, we feel tired to make friends with people who always blame others and complain. Furthermore, humor is categorized as necessities so that it is attractive for people to use and for writers and scientists of philosophy, literature and psychology to do…show more content…
In the public recognized opinion, people always talk friend humor which means talking joke on roommates, classmates or workmates and judge whether a people is humorous and their sense of humor. Even you may hear somebody calling Hugh Moore and you mistakenly hear humor (Tarvin 1). Humor exists in comedies and jokes. The definition of comedy is a genre of film in which the main emphasis is on humour and designed to make the audience laugh through amusement and most often work by exaggerating characteristics for humorous effect (Bohn). Joke is a display of humour in which words are used within a specific and well-defined narrative structure to make people laughand is not meant to be taken seriously (Goldenberg). Both comedy and joke are directly related with humor. These things make people laugh, but are these things represents humor? My answer is no. The relationship among comedy, joke and humor is that jokes appears in comedies, humor appears in both jokes and comedies, but comedies and jokes are not all parts of humor. In short, comedy and joke cannot be a formal definition of humor. From psychological perspective, humor is one kind of character strength that can contribute to a good life with satisfaction (Ruch

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