Personal Narrative: Perception Is Perfect

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Perception is Perfect

Have you, my friends, heard the story of the little boy and starfish? For those of you who have not, in short, it goes like this. An old man who walked regularly on the beach noticed a little boy throw some tiny objects into the ocean, each day. On the passing of quite a few days, he decided to ask the little boy what he was doing. As he went closer, he noticed that those tiny objects were actually starfish. Perplexed, he asked the boy what he was doing; the boy simply said that he was throwing the starfish back into the sea. The old man, surprised, asked him “why? It would make no difference. There are so many starfish.” The boy took one starfish, threw it in the ocean, and said I made a difference to this one!

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What is Perception? I am not going to quote a fancy blue dictionary. When, I think of it, quite simply I think it is – one’s approach, which further translates into one’s point of view. I believe my friends that like you I have too heard innumerable speeches on perceptions. However, I bring forth my perception of perception itself and mind you – I am not attempting to recreate The Inception!

So, what do I believe? A. That each one of us in this room, this building, this city, country, continent, heck! The entire humankind has different perceptions and B. That our perceptions define what is, the very fancy “perfection.”

Let us look at A. here – Have you thought of your ideal wedding? Majorly it is divided between the Grand wedding or the Silent wedding. But hey, you do realize that it is very vague, right? Grand wedding for one maybe just the family members extremely decked up in an extravagant setup and A silent wedding for one maybe where there is this humongous guest list with not so decked up people in a sober, elegant setup.

Or what music and movies do you like? To some, our Bollywood movies are over-the-toply dramatic and exaggerated while to others it is the right blend of all elements of fictional work. To some, EDM is noise while there are others who believe that EDM sounds like the way music was supposed to

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