Tattoos And Piercings

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Tattoos and Piercings in Our World Over the last fifteen to twenty years tattoos and piercings are seen far more commonly than they used to be. The rise in the popularity of the body art isn’t surprising because people are deciding to be more self expressive through music, clothing and bodily modifications.We live in an era where the pristine house wife no longer is the “norm”, yet people still seem surprised when a good teacher or a successful businessman has gone under a tattoo gun or sat through a nose piercing. There are so many stigmas and myths about tattoos and piercings that can make it difficult to comprehend what's true or not. That's why I chose to write about this topic and bring some light into what people don’t know and the…show more content…
Some people think that by going to an at home “artist” or an unofficial shop they’re saving themselves some money. In all reality tattoos and piercings are the type of thing where you definitely get what you pay for. In home tattoos, stick ‘n poke tattoos and piercing anything by yourself will cause infections, discoloration and they most likely would come out uneven and won't heal properly. The best place to get a tattoo or piercing would be an authorized shop with professionally trained artists. Always do your research and make sure they’re certified by the state and that they follow every health and safety code. Lots of shops make you sign legal paperwork because a tattoo is considered a procedure. “The problem with tattoos is exactly what makes them so appealing - their permanency.”(Carley Lintz "FYI: What Makes Tattoos Permanent?" 2013) .The best advice for anybody looking to get a tattoo would be think of a design and if you still love it a year later then get it inked into your skin. Piercings are much less permanent. If you get a piercing like your navel, nose, ears, lips or anything small like that it will close after a period of time and leave a tiny scar but the scar would be hardly noticeable. Larger piercings like gauges, large holes most commonly found in your ears, won’t heal all the way and if they do, they typically leave a bit of scar tissue. Piercings and…show more content…
One study asked about 3,000 students from six different universities if they felt more confident due to their tattoos and asked how many tattoos they had. The results showed that as the number of tattoos went up, so did the levels of confidence. I believe piercings have the same effect as well. Other positive effects include the fact that people feel as if they have control over what exactly they can make their skin look like. Personally, I felt much better about my belly after I got it pierced. I also had some serious insecurities about my nose but, once I got that pierced as well, the insecurities started to vanish. Unfortunately that magical confidence boot doesn’t occur for everybody. Some things can, and, very easily go wrong. If the shop you visit isn’t clean then you’re already highly exposed to the chance of infection. Infections can cause tattoos to blister up and be incredibly painful and infections in piercings cause swelling and pus to come out of the piercing and can also cause extreme discomfort. Infections aren’t always due to poor shop cleanliness or a bad technician. The most common cause of infection is poor aftercare. Typically after a tattoo or piercing the person who did it gives the client a very specific set of instructions on keeping their new body modification clean so it heals properly, if these instructions are ignored or not done correctly then it could have painful results. Some
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