On Teenagers And Tattoos Martin Analysis

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The increase of adolescents’ desire for tattoos, has quickly created the opportunity for tattoos and piercings to become apart of our societies norm. Tattoos are everywhere, and despite controversy between some private and shared world views, their presence continues to grow. Andres Martin is an experience child psychiatrist with extensive experience and knowledge on this topic. Throughout this academic article Martin uses examples from his experience that give the audience proof and real examples that support Martins claims. Martin is directing his attention to other fellow child psychiatrists to give them a better understanding of this rapid increase of teenagers with tattoos. In Andres Martin’s “On teenagers and Tattoos”, his goal is to provide his colleagues with the reasoning behind adolescents and their increased desire for tattoos. Martin believes that teenagers are attracted to tattoos because they hold significant meaning, importance, and have become a solution for permanence in our constantly changing society. …show more content…

Referring to teenagers and their parents, Martin explains that “arguments are having less to do with tattoos and piercings than with core issues such as separation from the family matrix” (Martin, 2000, 143). This quote does contain negative connotations, but Martins only intention is to provide child psychiatrists with the correct information and the common disagreements between adults and teenagers. Some positive connotations that Martin uses throughout his writing is to describe the benefits that tattoos can give teenagers. For example Martin says tattoos “can promise permanence and stability” (Martin, 2000, p.144). These positive connotations set the mood for Martins academic article, and help him reach his goal of effectively communicating with his

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