Sociological Observation Of Durango

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I was contemplating what would be a good topic for my observation and I was heading to Durango, CO when it came to me. The reason I was heading to Durango was to go and get a tattoo and that’s when I decided to observe the shop I was going to. I was familiar with Skin Inc. because I have gotten a tattoo by them before and it was a comfortable environment so it was the perfect place. You could look at a tattoo shop with all of the tools needed to make a sociological observation. I was there for a little over two hours. There was a total of two people working; a tattoo artist and a piercer, I was the one getting a tattoo, someone came in for a consultation, I brought a friend along (for moral support of course), two people came in to get piercings, and three …show more content…

Most of everyone who goes in, goes in for a tattoo that has meaning or to make them feel beautiful. It is the same for piercings, people go in to get piercings to feel more like themselves and to define them as a person. My personal experience with tattoos, is the meaning of each. I have a small tattoo on my ankle that I got with my best friend that symbolizes that we are different, yet the same. My tattoo on my arm, I got matching with my boyfriend that are the four elements, he got two of them and I got the other two and the characteristics that go with each element defines us. My last tattoo is of a daisy with a yin yang symbol in the middle of it, and to me that shows the balance of life and to always remember that there’s going to be good and bad but to always be positive. Personally, I see tattoos as a way of expression of who you are and by looking at somebody’s tattoos, I can sometimes see that type of person they are. In a way, body modification is used to make yourself stand out and be unique compared to others, and I think it is absolutely

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