Steen's Syrup Mill In Cajun Country By Ben Earl Looney

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In the book Cajun Country by Ben Earl Looney, there is a small article in the book called “Steen’s Syrup Mill.” Steen’s Syrup Mill is located in Abbeville, Louisiana and is the largest sugarcane plant in all of America. Steen’s Mill “markets ribbon cane syrup across the nation” and all around the entire world (Looney 152). The Sugar Mill is important to the Acadiana industry and “employs about 250 local men” during the cane-grinding season (Looney 152). This type of mill creates jobs for the local people which is good for the local industry. In the mill, they produce about “25,000 gallons of syrup in the average day” (Looney 152). During the syrup-making season, there is a scent from the cooking juice that floats along the countryside of the

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