Stereotypes In Iron Man And Knocked Up

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Stereotypes are burned into our minds at a very youthful age mainly through the media. Jack Shaheen touches on this point by saying, “Some naturally repeat the stereotype without realizing that, in so doing, they are innocently joining the ranks of the stereotypes’ creators.” (55) Hollywood has found a great success in creating movies that make a joke out of stereotypes. They create this image in our head of what people, religions, ethnicities are supposed to be like. It is a danger to our minds because of the fact that stereotypes are usually wrong. In the movies Iron Man and Knocked Up, it is clear to find multiple stereotypes that are portrayed to make the movie better and more engaging to the audience watching it. In almost every movie watched, there could be at least one stereotype pointed out. They are used in films to make them more relatable and reassuring to what our reality is portrayed to be. Although it could have been attempted to not include a stereotype in a film, it probably failed because there is are opposite stereotypes of everything. Take a woman for example; in films she is portrayed to either be a helpless soul who needs saving from a man, or an in control bitch who has too …show more content…

In the film Knocked Up, Debbie portrays the kind of woman who nags her husband, doesn't care what he thinks or wants to do, and her insecurity is at the root of all this. She immediately turns to the thought that her husband is cheating on her when he goes out to “work.” She also gives off the insecure vibe when denied access to the club because she is “too old.” She shows emotions and actions that show us she is afraid of getting old and not looking hot enough to get into the club. This representation of women makes it seem like we only care about ourselves and our appearances, and ultimately only look out for ourselves in

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