Stereotypes In The Media Essay

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There are many controversial topics that we see on a daily basis through the media. Some of the topics that we are exposed to are race, stereotypes, sexism and sex. These things seem to be a key factor in how media makes its presence felt. Whether it is through T.V. shows, how stereotypes and race are still a common trend in present day movies. I believe that stereotyping is everywhere you look movies and T.V. in particular but also music. This leads to society seeing things in a black and white form, by this I mean people see things one way and that is not how it should be seen.

One of the key topics that Omi talks about is racism. He talks about how you see it in movies, T.V. shows, and more. An example of this would be in the movie The
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I can also pull out an example for stereotypes from The Longest Yard. In The Longest Yard, the movie takes place in a prison and the inmates in this prison are majority Mexican and African American. This is a stereotype that a lot of people use or believe in. It’s that Mexicans an African Americans are bad people who commit a lot of crimes. This isn’t true. All races commit crimes but it is the stereotype that has been built around Mexicans and African Americans. Another stereotype is that African Americans live in the ghetto. This is shown very well in the movie 8 Mile. In the movie 8 Mile the main character is Rabbit (Eminem) who is a white kid who was born and raised in Detroit but he lives on the “bad” side of the road 8 Mile. In the movie he lives in the more run down side of town. All of his friends and all of the people he lives around are African Americans. There are shootings and robberies in the “bad” side of town. This is a stereotype on how African Americans all live in ghettos where the shootings and robberies occur when really they don’t. There are very successful African Americans in the world today. A perfect example is the President Of The United States Of America, Barack
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