Stereotypes In The Film, Directed By RC Sheriff

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In addition, at the beginning of Bart’s career as the new sheriff, citizens hate him and would refer to him as nigger. An example of this, is when he greets an elderly woman good morning, she replies, “Up yours, nigger,” which illustrates her disapproval of the new black sheriff through racism. The townspeople’s racism gets in the way of what their town needs, which is a sheriff. After stopping Mongo, Hedley’s failed attempt to scare the townspeople away, the townspeople are a little more willing to accept him in their town. For instance, the old woman apologizes for her racist comment, “up yours, nigger”. She also bakes him a pie thanking him for his ingenuity and courage in defeating Mongo; however, she tells Bart not to tell anyone about …show more content…

Lili, although she uses her sexual appearances as power, she is seen as a sexual manipulator. Lili did a small performance and her outfit gave the impression of it. Men yelled and whistle and she was ok with it. Sadly, she has to use sex as her control to even have some sort of power in this film. According to Lean Rapport, “ byevoking stereotypes about the inferiority of women…, provided resources of male superiority.” Brook is again making fun of the white race when Hedley’s plan to destroy Bart backfires when Lili falls in love with him. Women in this film are stuck on stereotypes whose values are sexual. For example, the governor’s secretary, Miss Stein, has power, but she chooses to not use it; this exemplifies she is only there for him. She is portrayed as a sexual object for the governor's display and pleasures. Nevertheless, when Bart first arrives at Rock Ridge, the townspeople organized a meeting to protest and a teacher, Harnett van Johnson, reads a telegraph she composed to the governor. Some men in the room shouted,“louder” and others shouted, “we can’t hear you”; she then, raised her voice and all the men in the room were surprised. In modern time, we are now seeing more feminist, women right and socialist movements. Women all over the world are slowly coming out of their box and protesting to society

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