Steve Got To Find What You Love Rhetorical Analysis

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“You’ve Got to Find What You Love” was the well-known speech delivered by Steve Jobs, which was prepared for Stanford’s commencement address on July 12, 2015. Steve Jobs was a legendary figure in the technology area, whose stories cannot be copied. He was one of the great founders of Apple, which brought us so many revolutionary and amazing products, he also started other two outstanding companies: Pixar and NeXT, quite frankly, he is a genius person with unimaginable creativity and unique foresight. In this Speech, Steve Jobs used three his own stories to convey his determined beliefs to the listeners: “connecting the dots”, “love and loss” and “death”. According to the first story “connecting the dot”, Steve Jobs was raised by his stepparents and he made the choice of dropping out of Reed College. In the second Story, “love and loss”, Steve Jobs told that he was fired from his own company, nevertheless, he founded another successful company and found his love because of being expelled. In the third story, “death”, Steve Jobs stated that he got a kind of curable cancer, which reminded him of being hand-working. To make the speech impressive and critical, Steve Jobs used a lot of rhetorical devices to convince the audience, such as pathos, logos and ethos, and we can also find many examples of figurative language throughout the speech.
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In this speech, Steve Jobs has shared his own three stories to encourage the graduate to find what they love. As mentioned, the main rhetorical device is pathos, which is throughout the full speech and has great emotional impact. Besides, other rhetorical devices and figurative language, like ethos, logos and irony, are used in the speech, which made the speech creditable, logical and interesting. In other words, rhetorical devices and figurative language made this speech an excellent

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