Steve Nash Thesis Statement

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Steve Nash Steve Nash is an outstanding NBA basketball player and also is a very unique person off of the basketball court. Steve Nash is such a good player because has accomplished many great things throughout his career. He has won MVP awards and has been close to winning championships. This is his life story to help support this thesis. Steve Nash was born on February 7th, 1974. His parents moved to Canada where he spent most of his childhood. The reason they moved was his dad was going to play some professional soccer there. Nash also liked to play soccer and he played it in High School. Steve Nash obviously was also a good basketball player, and he decided to play basketball instead of Soccer in college. Steve Nash went to Santa Clara University in California. Steve had a career with them. …show more content…

As a professional athlete, you are in a position and given the opportunity to really have an impact on more than just your immediate surroundings. For me to be able to do that is something that's sometimes challenging, but always worthwhile. Everyday, all of us, together and as individuals we have an opportunity as citizens to contribute to the vision of what we want to see in the world. And how best to do that but through children. We know that kids run the world; we know that they will grow and walk and run the world. They need from us now the tools to help them grow. They need from us now those things that will position them to think for themselves and become their own guiding forces that will shape our communities, locally and globally, down the road. What we are trying to do with this Foundation is to actuate our collective hope by helping to grow health in them.At the Steve Nash Foundation, we believe strongly that every child has the right to be healthy, to have a good education, to live in an environment that contributes to her well-being, to his personal

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