Steven Truscott On Trial

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Denis O’ Connor Catholic High School

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Ethan Raphael B. Bautista

Mr. Orsag

March 30, 2015

Steven Truscott

Steven Truscott was accused with the murder of Lynne Harper in 1959. Lynne Harper was his classmate during middle school. Although Steven was underage, he was ordered to stand trial just like an adult. The Crown believed that instead of dropping Lynne off, Steven sexually harassed Lynne and killed her. There were various witnesses. There was one who saw him near the place where they found Lynne’s body. The autopsy doctor, Dr. John Penistan testified that Lynne’s time of death was with in the time window Steven dropped her off. Steven said that he was not guilty and he dropped her not harmed. He also said that he just happened to look back while he stopped on a bridge riding his bike and he saw that Lynne entered into a grey car. Some witnesses testified that Steven really did all those things. They also said that they saw Steven normal on the school grounds. …show more content…

They said that the process of the Crown expert who used to conclude the time that Lynne died is unreliable. Even though the defence tried very hard, Steven was still found guilty by the jury, and he suggested that he be sentenced less harsh. The trial judge sentenced him to death through hanging.

Steven tried to appeal his convictions to the Supreme Court of Canada and the Ontario Court of Appeal but the court sent away his application for leave to appeal. Fortunately, the Governor General had ordered that his death sentence be changed to a life imprisonment sentence. At one point, when he had been in jail for a decade, he was acceptable to be discharged in

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