Violence In John Steinbeck's The Grapes Of Wrath

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Violence isn't the way to achieve ones goals. Almost everyone has someone of something that stands in the way of their ultimate goal. Many people come to a point where they feel that the only way to achieve that goal is at the expensive of another. This isn't necessarily the case. Rather then inflicting violence on one another we must use the intelligence we were blessed with. You must find something that you have that the person in your way doesn't and exploit his or her weaknesses. Violence isn't the answer in any situation it only inflicts pain mentality, physically, and financially. Violence causes a great deal of stress only making many situations worse. Stress is one thing that everyone experiences throughout their lives. We all know…show more content…
In most violent situations innocent people are getting hurt. In war people are killing each other because that's what they are told to do even though they aren't really directly associated with the problem at hand. In a labor strike many people get hurt because they are fighting for higher wages when if they would just work hard and pay their dues they would most likely one day get promoted. In the case of the migrant workers in The Grapes of Wrath some of them lost their lives just because they wanted a couple extra bucks. One of the main characters Jim who wasn't even part of the migrant workers lost his life fighting for others. This is a perfect example of innocent people loosing their lives for no good reason. Jim was trying to help out the workers and because of this he ended up loosing his life. He was young and most likely had a long life ahead of him. Violence isn't the answer in any situation it only inflicts pain mentality, physically, and…show more content…
Strikes are only taking people out of the work force for however long they go on. Without work people aren't usually able to support their family's. In some cases people can get by for a little bit wthout a change in their lives, but after a certain amount of time funds run out without a steady supply of income. In The Grapes of Wrath we saw how the migrant workers lives changed dramatically when they went on strike. Many if not all of the strikers family's couldn't afford the necessities for survival, and what for just to prove a point. No matter how angry you are about a situation think about your family's well being and ask your self if your willing to sacrifice your own well being in hopes of making a couple extra dollars. The rational thing to do if your not happy with your place of employment would be to go look for other jobs that offer a wage your adequately happy with. Violence isn't the answer in any situation it only inflicts pain mentality, physically, and
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