Suicidal Belief Case Summary

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On February 26, 1986, a female student, whom the court records refer to as C.R., at Morton East High School in Illinois brought a note to her school psychologist, Dr. Rosario C. Pesce. The note informed the plaintiff that C.R.’s male friend (“J.D”) was struggling with shame, confusion, and suicidal thoughts because a male teacher at Morton East High School allegedly abused J.D. sexually. After hearing this, Dr. Pesce gave C.R. a professional therapist’s contact information to pass along to J.D., and later that day, J.D. chose to come see Dr. Pesce in his office to discuss his confusion and suicidal thoughts (“Dr. Rosario”). Before discussing the content of the letter and the student’s suicidal thoughts, Dr. Pesce “assured the student…of the …show more content…

Rosario”). However, the district court decided that the plaintiff violated the “Confidentiality Act,” which “permits disclosure of confidential communications of a minor between the ages of twelve and eighteen if…the therapist finds disclosure to be in the best interest of the minor” (“Dr. Rosario”). The courts also determined that he violated “The Reporting Act,” which requires school personnel to immediately report suspected child abuse to authorities (“Pesce v. J”). Dr. Pesce also violated the J. Sterling Morton High School District Employment Contract by not promptly reporting the incident, and therefore, putting J.D. in danger. In addition, the courts decided that Pesce’s rights were not violated (“Dr. Rosario”). In conclusion, as a future teacher, it is important to understand my responsibility to report any suspected child neglect or abuse. Even if my future student does not give me permission to report the incident, if the child is in danger, it is my responsibility to report. By keeping his promise of confidentiality to J.D., Dr. Pesce put J.D. in great danger. The student was in danger at school because of the misconduct of the teacher, and he was in danger outside of school because of his shame and suicidal thoughts and tendencies. It is important to always report suspected abuse to authorities when I am a

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