Summary: An Abundance Of Katherines

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Beckman High School English Department Reading Record Guidelines Directions: In order to keep a record of your reading and to concisely summarize important information, you will need to keep an accurate reading record. Each reading record should be typed (MLA Format) and include the following information: Title: An Abundance of Katherines Author: John Green Genre: Realistic-Fiction Setting: An Abundance of Katherines takes place in a small town named Gutshot in Tennessee. Point of View: The entire book is written in first person. From Colin Singleton’s point of view. Atmosphere – Throughout the entire book, Colin, is sad and depressed because he is reflecting on his past relationships. Tone – The tone of the book is bantering all the time. The main character himself is a very witty guy so it only makes since to have lots of comedy in the story to fit the characters. …show more content…

Colin finds everything interesting, especially things that others disregard. This makes it difficult for Colin to finds friends with a common interest.. After dating 19 girls named Katherine, Colin breaks the streak by dating Lindsey Lee Wells, who he met on a road trip with his best friend Hassan. Colin spends his time trying to be unique, but with Lindsey's help, ends up coming to the realisation that he is "not-unique in the very best way possible”. (pg.215) Antagonist – The other Colin who always gets the girls and is constantly bragging about it. They notice that he only goes for the girls who act dumb around him. He starts to bullie Colin and Hassan after he catches them with

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