Summary Of 2BR02B By Kurt Vonnegut

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Often people’s opinions are based upon what their peers think, but in this story it’s about viewing things as they genuinely are. I consider the quote “Do not become a slave to society” to convey this theme well because it’s basically telling you to not go along with what everyone else believes, and to be your own person. In “2BR02B” Kurt Vonnegut uses imagery and external conflict to convey the theme view things as they are, no as you perceive them. Vonnegut uses external conflict in this story to build upon the idea that you should view things as they are not as everyone perceives them. At the beginning of the story he describes how this utopian society has cured many diseases and many other. But in the following pages he shows how not everyone is as happy as you would …show more content…

On page 314 Vonnegut begins to talk about a mural that the painter was paining. In the story the painter is painting a mural of a very neat garden with many people standing around. Although this mural is depicting a perfect society the painter is quite miserable. "… painting a mural he did not like." This quote from the text is a bit ironic because you wouldn’t expect that this painter who is painting a mural about this perfect society to be miserable. This mural is meant to represent how the majority of the population views their world/society. Another example of imagery in this story is on page 315 when the painter shares his view on society. "The painters, face curdled with scorn. 'You think I'm proud of this drab? You think this is what life really looks like?'… the painter gestured at a foul drop cloth … 'frame that and you'll have a picture a damn sight more honest than this one'" this part of the story shows that not everyone is blinded by the fakeness of this society, because we can clearly see that the painter isn't too fond of

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