The Running Man Rhetorical Analysis

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In the novel the Running Man the author, Michael Bauer, captures the experiences of a marginalised character, Tom Leyton. The main characters of this novel are Joseph and Tom Leyton. The author reveals what occurred to a Vietnam war veteran, Tom Leyton after the Vietnam war, as well as how he was excluded from society because he had post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Tom was shut out from society because of his illness.The author represents this through isolation, marginalisation and experiences of torment in society. Tom Leyton faced many difficulties during and after the Vietnam War. He wanted to be accepted by society and wanted to return to work. However, society didn't accept him, because he was viewed as different. This resulted in Tom hiding from society, with his sister Caroline to look after him. This highlights isolation because Tom was secluded from society and remained in his room. Michael Bauer uses a lot of metaphorical language to describe Tom’s isolation. An …show more content…

He was tormented by society because of his actions from his past, towards a child. This, as well as the death of his friend, made Tom suffer severely. Tom, had lots of faith in God, which he though should have helped save his friend. Once Tom lost faith, he agonised and was doubtful of almost everything. This torment can be seen through the simile, “Tom is like the dark interior of a house”, as Tom is looked upon by society as bad and as a madman, going crazy from his past. Society tormenting Tom can also be seen through the paintings, created by Joseph of Tom. The paintings present Tom in different ways. It starts with just a few lines on the page and as Joseph visited more and got to know him better, the paintings became more fuller. However, at the end of the book Joseph believes the rumours about Tom from society and draws Tom in an evil way. When Joseph finds out the truth about Tom, he makes a better painting, with Tom as a normal man, that is not crazy or lost in his

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