Family Vacation

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In the short story, “A Good Man is Hard to Find,” by Flannery O’Connor discusses the vacation of a family and the morals that leads them to their destination. The Grandmother wanted to travel to Tennessee instead of Florida for the family vacation. She tries to convince, her only son, Bailey how dangerous Florida is with criminals like “The Misfit” appearing there. She continues to say the children had already visited Florida and should broaden their horizon. John Wesley, Bailey son, suggested she should stay if she fears the danger, nevertheless the next morning she accompanied the family with her cat companion. Leaving out of Atlanta at 8:45 with an additional 20 minutes to reach the outskirt, the Grandmother commence to depict the scenery …show more content…

Edgar Atkins Teagarden. He would send her watermelon daily with initial his E.A.T. as a sign of romance, consequently they never married, and he died extremely wealthy. Afterwards they stopped at the tower, a place known for Red Sammy Famous Barbecue. The entire family sat at the table ready to eat with the mother playing tunes on the machine. June Star, Baily daughter, started tap dancing for it attracted everyone even the owner, Red Sam. The Grandmother casually converse with Red Sam about the current generation being far worse than the previous. Furthermore, they drove off as the car passes near Toombsboro, memories of the area reminded her of an aged house. She tried to convince Bailey to drive to the house by saying it contains treasure. The house peaked the children’s interest large enough that they caused a tantrum which forced Bailey to change the route. They found the dirt road that leads them there and the Grandmother start reminiscing about the house beauty. Suddenly the Grandmother had a horrendous thought, her reaction kicked the cat out of the basket and lands on Bailey whose …show more content…

One of the doctors there told him the reason for his imprisonment was due to him killing his father. “The Misfit” father died from an epidemic flu, but in the end, it taught him it doesn’t matter the crime not committed or done as all will be punished. He then told his partners to take the mother with June into the woods, leaving him alone with the grandmother. “The Misfit” says the reason behind his name is for all the sins he done does not match the punishment he received. A loud scream is heard, followed by a gunshot yet the Grandmother further pleaded to give all her money, but to him it was a tip for the undertaker. “The Misfit” view the world to be off balanced and lost the faith he once has in it. The Grandmother notice “The Misfit” was getting emotional also thought it might be an opportunity to convince him to be virtuous. However as soon she touches him, he jumped back in shocked while shooting her 3 times in the chest. His accomplices returned and “The Misfit” told them she should have been shot daily to be kindhearted woman but there’s no pleasure in

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