Summary Of All Quiet On The Western Front

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The book All Quiet on the western front, by Erich maria Remarque, tells the story of young men who have been convinced to join world war 1 and fight with germany. The narrator of the book is paul, a 18 year old that explains what his friends and him do during the war. War has harmful effects on people due to a loss of identity and breaking families apart. War hands harmful effects on people due to a loss of identity. Paul and Albert were guarding an abandoned village when they got struck with bombs and got injured. They were taken to a catholic hospital where paul is noticing all the people who were hurt and dying in this hospital. “I am young, i am twenty years old: yet i know nothing of life but despair, death, fear, and fatuous superficiality cast over an abyss of sorrow” ( Remarque, ch10, pg 146). Paul has lost his sense of identity due to war because he is a young man who hasn't experienced life outside of war. He can’t live a normal life because of war and he can't experience what life is outside of war. War can make people lose their identity because they are not exposed to the outside world. …show more content…

Paul has returned home from the war for a couple of days. He has discovered that his mom is ill and that everyone has really missed him especially his mom. “ my mother watches me silently; I know she counts the days; every morning she is sad. It is one day less” ( Remarque, ch7, pg 102). Paul's mom can not function in her daily routine because she is too stressed and worried about pail leaving again to war. She is not able to focus and spend time with him, instead she is to focused on how many days she will have left to be with her son, while he is safe at home. War is breaking apart Paul's family because they have to see him leave and they have to stay with a doubt in their mind that he might not come back. War can have negative effects on the families of those involved in

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