Summary Of All The Pretty Horses By Cormac Mccarthy

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Author, Cormac McCarthy, wrote All the Pretty Horses in 1992, the book sparked interest and became a his first New York Times bestseller. The book is set in the past and in Texas and Mexico. The book All the Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy shows the theme of ‘sacred violence” or inescapable evil through the jail-house and Rawlins’s reaction of being scared and leaving Mexico. To begin with, the jail is brutal. Their fellow prisoners are cruel, violent, and greedy. The people think John Grady and Rawlins are rich and they are asked for a bribe. The people are relentless and do whatever it takes to get money. So, they spend the first few nights fighting for their life. They are terribly bruised and beat-up, but they stay together. Although Rawlins blames them getting arrested on John Grady and his “foolish affair” with their employer’s daughter, Alejandra. They both end up being knifed because they wouldn’t give Perez a bribe. Rawlins is knifed while in the prison-yard. John Grady fought off the attempted killer and killed him, but not without getting seriously wounded. John Grady They reconnect while in the infirmary. …show more content…

He is affected in a very negative way. His mind is and will always be haunted by Belvins’s death. Belvins pretty well deserved it because he did kill someone, but it did not sit well with John Grady and Rawlins. Rawlins is scarred badly physically, as well as mentally, from being knifed and Belvins’s death. He doesn’t know if he can stay any longer in

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