Summary Of Black Men And Public Space By Brent Staples

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There are plenty of black men that have problems with the way society view and treat them. In the essay Black Men and Public Space, the author Brent Staples expressed how black men were perceived in the public’s eyes. He expressed this problem by giving examples of how a young man was perceived. Some of the solutions did not really solve the problem in general, but helped to change the mindset of those surrounding him. Rather than finding temporary solutions to this problem, there need to be more permanent solutions. The permanent solutions will help with the black man’s safety and emotions, and will help with the society’s feeling of being unsafe.

In the essay, Black Men and Public Space, the author uses examples of how the society’s view on black men had an effect on a particular man and the solutions that were used to temporarily change the view of the people around him. One of the examples were used when the man went into his workplace and was followed by a security guard. A temporary solution he had for this problem was to quickly find someone that knew him in his workplace. Another example was when the young man was in an enclosed building with many people of different race. The temporary solution was whistling tunes by Beethoven. Temporary solutions will …show more content…

From historical events, black men were slaves. This was after they were brought to America. In some ways even today they could be seen as slaves. They were treated like animals and were viewed as property. Black men were known for their strength, so that may have frightened the society. Looking into the past is important because it is the root of the problem that is occurring today. If the past is really understood, people could help stop the past events from

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