Summary Of The Condemnation Of Blackness

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Professor Khalil Girban Muhammad gave an understanding of the separate and combined influences that African Americans and Whites had in making of present day urban America. Muhammad’s lecture was awakening, informative and true, he was extremely objective and analytical in his ability to scan back and forth across the broad array of positive and negative influences. Muhammad described all the many factors during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries since the abolition of slavery and also gave many examples of how blackness was condemned in American society in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Professor Muhammad was able to display how on one hand, initial limitations made blacks seem inferior, and various forms of white prejudice made things worse. But on the other hand, when given the same education and opportunities, there are no differences between black and white achievements and positive contributions to society. His lecture gave an insight of the way that we think, talk and respond to African American criminality. …show more content…

Muhammad approaches all of his subject matters from a very unique perspective. He approaches it much differently then other sociologists. Muhammad looks at racist’s attitudes in the fields of sociology and in the North. This shows how pervasive racism was at the time and it is an encouragement for other historians to look beyond just the South when dealing with racism. An excellent example of this is when Muhammad discussed how whites thought of blacks as unequal, so they were uncomfortable with blacks living next door. He relates it to present day America and gave many examples and statistics on the

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