Summary Of Colleen E. Kelle's Pentadic Analysis

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For example, Colleen E. Kelle uses pentadic criticism to analyze former U.S. Congressman George Hansen of Idaho rhetorical decisions made that led to two situations. The first pentad for Kelle was George Hansen's felony conviction in April of 1984. Kelle states, “An agent-purpose ratio dominated this pentadic justification of Hansen's conviction because of a selfish desire for personal gain. Hansen lied about his financial dealings; i.e., flaws in the character of Hansen as agent resulted in selfish goals and illegal actions” (Kelle 206). The second pentadic analysis deals with George Hansen reelection bid. The scene is the events linked to Hansen's past seven terms as the representative from Idaho's second congressional district. Kelle finds …show more content…

Alexandra Pelosi interviews with the tech employing have the similar element. The techies don't speak on the issue of gentrification, but they focus on how the scene of San Francisco is the perfect place to develop and create new ideas that will, in turn, lead to better connectivity worldwide. Rhe documentary shifts to the dark side of progress, by focusing more on the act of displacement that the natives of San Francisco are experiencing. Gabriel Sealey-Morris analysis address songs, “Burke's pentadic ratios provide a tangible demonstration of how the songs while using the same essential elements, create remarkably different effects with remarkably minor shifts in emphasis” (Sealey-Morris 408). While Gabriel Sealey-Morris analysis addresses songs, her statement rings true to my analysis because of the scene, San Francisco, is the same in both viewpoints of gentrification, but the effects of the gentrify are shifted to emphasize their elitist demeanor of the cost of progress has on the natives of San Francisco being displaced. Richard E, Crable and John Makay explain, “As rhetoricians seeking to understand discourse and the meaning in nonverbal sources as well, we need to understand why events, including their constituent parts, occur” (Crable and Makay 17). Why is San Francisco a great place to share and exchange ideas? Any city

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