Diego Velazquez's Las Meninas

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Diego Velazquez's piece titled 'Las Meninas' represents the art of western civilization. This piece of art was made by oil on canvas in the year 1656. ' Diego Velazquez' decided to draw such a large canvas, describing himself in this group picture .The work performed represents All the work is a weird composition many questions revolve around between fact and fiction, and it produces a certain relationship between the characters and scenes. The size of this piece of art is (3.17×2.74 m) and it is currently located in the Museo Del Prado, Madrid . Given the figures in the picture, the gaze relates to the viewer as it consists of a look without any movement, extends in front of the image, into that cryptic place in the formation of the outer face, and the arrest of numbers regulator in that vacuum. Moreover, Velazquez has used the following techniques; the mirror in Rokeby Venus book, and the Obrist in house Marth and Mary. When speaking about the formal elements the space in this portrait is represented by the reflection of people (king and the queen) in the mirror on the back wall, …show more content…

This piece of art represents a realistic style, which transfers depth that is focal in space and represents a space kind of perspective. According to the book.... Las Meninas " opens into a perspective of space in which recognizable forms recede from us in a light that belongs only to itself ". While, other images display a bit more from a few paler specks entombed in darkness without deepness. 'Las Meninas' portrait represents an individual type, for example; the motionless in his eyes refers us to a different angle, which is been followed before, and then it will with no doubt will be taken again; that the immobility canvas which has been traced already, from a long time ago, a portrait that can't be removed

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